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The Past Haunts Me Still. Part 2: Alternatives

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November 27, 2008

I imagine my past bound inside a metal cocoon, ensconced in the outstretched arms of space. A host of photographs of a skinny, ridiculous teenager, sidled next to yearbooks with photographs of other ridiculous teens, are intimate traveling companions for 50,000 years, and waiting for that moment when they will emerge as the butterfly of memories too distant to inflict the pain of ownership. The idea of this cathartic metamorphosis seems sound and optimistic, until I realize that I’m looking at it from the wrong angle.

What if all those pieces that make up the mementos of my past are parts of me? What I’m really considering is placing pieces of myself in a bullet and firing it into the lonely dark vastness of space. As if being a teenager wasn’t solitary and uncertain enough, I am fully prepared to sentence these moments of my past to live separate from my present and future, doomed to permanent adolescence. In 50,000 years the people of the future would come to know my past, but never know me. Like an unfinished painting, that only gives us a portion of the whole picture. Or a Mr Potatohead with only a nose and a silly hat. What would the people of the future think of the black holes that should house my ears, shoes and eyes?

But these questions are moot. After a week of waiting, I have received no reply from KEO.org. I can only assume that they did not take my request seriously. Because of this, I find myself turning to other alternatives for coping with my past.


Ad Placed on Craigslist

Wanted:Time Machine

Need time travel device to share wisdom of present with past self and prevent foibles of teenage years. Will rent or borrow if an option. Serious, working time machines only. No theories or prototypes plz. Also, advice on safely altering time continuum welcome.

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November 28, 2008 at 1:29 am

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